Launching later this month on Nintendo Switch is Anthill, a strategy game from the studio behind the wonderful SteamWorld franchise.

Anthill originally launched back in 2011, appearing on smartphones and tablets via Android and iOS. The whole thing is actually based on the real-world behaviour of ants; players must direct their forces by drawing pheromone trailers to different destinations, guiding streams of units as you aim to protect your hill form waves of enemy bugs. You can see the trailer above.

The Switch version will include the original game, all previous DLC, and a brand new soundtrack. Here's a feature list:

- Eat what you kill: Slay a bug with your soldiers, then direct your workers to bring back the carcass for dinner. Yum!
- Surgical strikes: Direct bomber ants to perform air raids through hordes of bugs. Satisfaction guaranteed!
- Upgrades: Buy permanent upgrades for your troops! Turn your bombers into carpet bombers, inspire courage in your workers, and make your soldiers more brutal. Boo-ya!
- Dedicated to handheld play: The intuitive touch controls are perfect for the Nintendo Switch screen. Feel it!

Interestingly, the game will remain handheld-only via touch input, meaning you won't be able to play this one on the TV. Still, it works out as pretty perfect timing for those of you who have picked up a Switch Lite recently.

It'll be launching on 24th October and will be available for €9.99/$9.99. Image & Form tells us that it comes with "many hours of gameplay, six campaigns and two separate endless modes".

Excited to check this one out on Switch? Have you played it before on other platforms? Tell us below.