Since Shuntaro Furukawa took over as Nintendo's president in 2018, we've heard how he wants to respect the company's traditions and would like more people playing Nintendo games than ever before.

Now, in a rare western interview recently, he's revealed how "above all else", he wants Nintendo's teams to be able to experiment with new ideas, so the iconic video game company can keep doing what it does best:

Above all else, I base my decisions on the development leader’s way of thinking

Nintendo is Nintendo because of our games, characters and IP. So giving our teams the freedom to experiment with new ideas is something I strongly agree with. Expansion can’t happen without the freedom to try something new, and the courage to step into unfamiliar territory.

Furukawa started in Nintendo's accounting department in 1994, so it's a relief to hear how encouraging he is of freedom and new ideas, despite potential financial risks, and especially after the troubled Wii U generation, which was arguably a reminder of how the company's experimentation can backfire.