Shuntaro Furukawa (right) with former president Tatsumi Kimishima

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has a new president in the shape of Shuntaro Furukawa, and he's delivered his first official statement in his new role.

Translated by Kite Stenbuck, the message outlines Furukawa's basic aims over the next few years:

This is Shuntaro Furukawa who has been appointed as the President in June 2018.

Nintendo’s basic strategy is “Enlargement of population that gets into contact with Nintendo IPs”. I’d like to improve the corporate’s values by having even more people get into contact with characters and game world settings created by Nintendo. 

At the same time as an entertainment corporate, Nintendo puts up a CSR policy of “Making everybody related to Nintendo smile”. I think the social responsibility we must fulfill is to expand the circle of smile in society with Nintendo’s products and services. 

Based on the CSR policy of “Making everybody related to Nintendo smile”, Nintendo is always continuing the challenge to produce new surprises.

Furukawa has certainly stepped into the role at an opportune time; Nintendo's resurgence after the low point of the Wii U era shows little sign of slowing down, and the company is expanding its reach by launching theme parks and movies

We wish Mr. Furukawa all the best in his new position.