Links Awakening

Earlier this week, we heard how The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening had become the fastest-selling Switch title of 2019 within Europe. Nintendo provided this information via its UK Twitter account. Unfortunately, it didn't provide any sales figures.

Now, though, the website 4Players (thanks for the heads-up, GoNintendo) has revealed the Switch remake shifted more than 430,000 copies in Europe within its first 72 hours of availability. This sales data was provided by Nintendo Germany.

It's not clarified if this figure includes digital sales, but we do know Link's island adventure was the top Switch eShop game in Europe, in the month of September. Either way, it's still great news for a remake that is based on a Game Boy title originally released in 1993.

Over in Japan, Link's Awakening got off to an equally good start – selling an estimated amount of 141,375 physical copies and making a top spot debut in the charts. We're still waiting to see how the game has performed in the North American region.

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