It's been nearly three weeks since the entire world was overrun by an impudent goose. While Untitled Goose Game had generated plenty of positive buzz beforehand, few could have predicted the the mainstream success of Melbourne-based House House's nuisance goose simulator. None were more surprised than the developers themselves, it seems, but the world has really taken the fowl to heart.

The goose has produced memes at a rate to rival cats in the early noughties, sweeping social networks and infiltrating other media with its obnoxious (yet somehow endearing) 'honk'. From full-on fan art to quick and dirty copy-paste jobs, below we've gathered together just a small sample of some of our favourite goose-based crossovers...

First up, there are all the other games the goose has been invading. We took a look at the Zelda one a couple of weeks back, but the goose is right at home terrorising Animal Crossing villagers, too:

It makes for an epic boss in Dark Souls:

Here the goose has stolen Amaterasu's Celestial Brush:

Here's a cheeky little Splatoon 2 crossover:

We're not certain what sort of mushroom / goose / princess hybrid this would produce:

Taking a trip to Alola:

Taking tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

Stealing caps on Koholint Island:

Then there are a host of other video game and pop culture crossovers:

And finally, the fowl has also been disrupting sporting events:

So much viral, so much Soundcloud, so much Etsy! Sick of the goose yet? Reckon we've reached peak meme? Or should that be... ahem, 'beak' meme? Hello?... Oh.

Let us know if we've missed out your favourite goose-y crossover below.