Yesterday's Nintendo Direct ended with a wonderful little moment for Shulk fans: yes, Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a remastered Definitive Edition release on Switch. And we're really feeling it.

When we were watching the show live, we were actually so distracted by the game's beautiful music track playing throughout that we didn't really notice the visual upgrades. Sure, it looked quite pretty, but we weren't exactly blown away.

Putting the new release side-by-side with the Wii original, though, we can see just how much of an improvement players can really expect in the new Switch version. The folks over at Nintendo World Report have put together the comparison video above; the shot with Shulk lying on the ground is a particular highlight, but there are several scenes here that show off some serious upgrades. As you can see, the new game's looking beautiful.

Take a look for yourself and let us know if you're excited for this one in the comments below. Have you played the original on Wii? Will this be your first time experiencing the game?