A few days ago, Konami released a demo for Contra: Rogue Corps on the Switch eShop to give fans a taste of the action prior to the full game's release on 26th September.

After giving this latest entry in the series a bit of a hard time earlier this month, our American-based video producer Zion Grassl decided to test out the demo with a friend but got a surprise when he found out it wasn't actually co-op. Fortunately, they managed to work out a way to play the game together, and you can see how the action unfolds in the video above.

The demo itself showcases the campaign of the twin-stick, third-person action game and includes a playable preview of one of the many large-scale boss battles. We've since had a look at the Japanese Contra website and it says this trial version allows players to try out the initial stage of single play mode and part of the boss battle.

Have you tried out this demo yourself? Do you have any interest in pre-ordering or buying this new entry in the Contra series when it is released? Leave a comment down below.

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