Launching onto Nintendo Switch later this month is StarBlox, a puzzler/brawler mash-up that's looking pretty intense.

The whole thing has a rather strong Tetris vibe, with colourful blocks needing to be sorted into a grid-like section on-screen, but there's more to it than just arranging falling pieces. The idea here is that you're loading cargo which needs to placed inside a rocket, ready to be delivered to the far corners of the solar system. That solar system throws up some surprises as you progress such as black holes, gravity, and waves of lava.

If that wasn't enough, rocket resource loading also happens to be a competitive sport in this mad universe. As such, you'll be up against an opponent who can actually go ahead and steal your blocks, dish out punches, and throw you into an incinerator. Good grief.

- Two local competitive multiplayer modes for up to four people
- Single player “Career mode”
- Seventy-two unlockable photobook entries about the planets, moons and asteroids in the game, provided by NASA

The game launches on Switch on 18th October; you'll be able to buy it directly from the eShop for $9.99.

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