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The Nintendo Switch Online service has been chugging along at a steady pace since it officially launched in September last year. When it did arrive, a digital library of NES titles was made available as part of the subscription package, with more classics added to the service each month.

Although Nintendo's focus is currently on NES titles in terms of retro offerings, according to a dataminer who has sifted through NES Online strings - apparently added in last month's Switch update, there's now evidence Super Nintendo games are planned for the service in the future. Below is the full list of titles, according to dataminer Kapu, who also goes by the Twitter handle @KapuccinoHeck.

In total, there are 22 games on this list. Interestingly, the previously unreleased game Star Fox 2 features. This game was finally made available in 2017 when it was included as part of the games library on the SNES Classic Mini.

And if SNES offerings aren't enough to satisfy your nostalgic cravings, another dataminer who goes by the Twitter handle @OatmealDome - and is known for their findings in Splatoon 2 - claims to have discovered the following information (see below), suggesting there will be two to three more emulators added to the Switch online service at a later date.

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