The Nintendo Direct trailer for the soon-to-be-released The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch has shed light on a couple of extra details before the game launches in just a couple of weeks on 20th September.

As you may already know, modular Chamber Dungeons are earned throughout your adventure and these can be placed and combined with various effects to create custom dungeons. While we already knew that the new Link amiibo can be used to summon Shadow Link, the trailer revealed that your custom Chamber Dungeons can be saved to any Legend of Zelda series amiibo and easily shared with fellow adventurers in your immediate vicinity.


Just a tiny tidbit, but it's nice to hear our bulging amiibo collection might come in handy. The new Link amiibo that's launching alongside the game will take the total of NFC figurines featuring the green-garbed adventurer to a whopping thirteen, not to mention the others in the series. What do you mean you don't have them all?

The trailer also highlighted a few returning, familiar faces that you might not associate with this series, especially if you didn't play the original Game Boy Link's Awakening:

A word of warning, though - make sure you use one of your friend's amiibo if you're sharing dungeons; you don't want to lose your Link and there are a lot of thieves about, especially where this game is concerned.

Can you resist adding yet another Link to your amiibo collection? Nope, us neither. There's not long to wait now until we can start building our own top-down dungeons - feel free to share you excitement or amiibo apathy below.