The latest Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch is the ultimate entry in the series. It brings together a roster of fighters that most fans have dreamed of for many years now. Sonic against Mario - sure! Rare's Banjo-Kazooie up against Ryu from Street Fighter - no problem! Despite a seemingly unlimited amount of match-ups, there are a few characters that you'll likely never see make an appearance in this all-star brawler.

At the Japanese Awards ceremony recently, where Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won multiple awards, the game director Masahiro Sakurai reiterated some comments he's previously made regarding certain fighter requests (thanks, Dot Esports).

He ruled out characters like Goku from the popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball and also told Smash fans abroad not to get their hopes up for an Iron Man cameo, as the Smash series will only ever feature video game characters. Here's a translation by @PushDustIn on Twitter:

I get all these kinds of requests from abroad like, "Where is my [beloved] Iron Man?" or "where is my beloved Goku? " However, basically (Smash) will only have content from video games in it.

In his most recent Famitsu column (translated by PushDustIn and Nokolo), Sakurai also said how there was "no way" future entries in the Smash series would feature as many fighters or series representations as the type of game Ultimate has become is "unprecedented".

During the recent Direct, Nintendo revealed Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury would be the next DLC fighter and also announced additional characters would be added to the game after completion of the first wave.

So, it's pretty clear at this stage that Goku and other characters like Iron Man won't be coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Tell us below what other video game characters you would like to see represented.