Every week there are new techniques and glitches discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sure enough, this week is no different. Today we present the "bomb impact launch" – a new technique the Zelda speedrunning community is currently experimenting with to accelerate their runs.

It's a move that looks set to drastically change speedruns in Breath of the Wild. Instead of relying on stasis launches and bullet-time bounces, which require objects and enemies to propel Link to new heights, this latest technique makes use of two remote bombs to send the game's protagonist soaring through the skies at high speed. The paraglider is also an optional extra.

According to Nintendo Enthusiast, this move was first demonstrated by the Twitter user @Satogashi020:

As you can see in the tweets above, bomb impact launches require some good timing and angling on the player's end. Once the technique has been mastered, it can be performed again mid-flight. Depending on how much health and stamina Link has, it means you could essentially perform this technique over and over again.

Compared to a lot of other techniques often publicised by the Zelda speedrun community, this one seems to be a lot friendlier and fortunately doesn't require any overly complicated glitches to be performed – meaning you could even give it a go yourself next time you boot up Breath of the Wild.

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