You may recall that a Switch release was confirmed for Ghost Blade HD towards the end of last year, with features like TATE mode support, leaderboards, achievements, and more being announced. Well, we now have a solid release window for the game of October 2019.

It'll be launching digitally worldwide during that month, with more details - such as a specific date, we assume - set to be announced soon. Physical collectors will also be pleased to know that standard and limited edition releases are coming to Playasia, too - pre-orders are expected to go live later this week.

Ghost Blade Hd

The game is an intense, bullet-hell, top-down shoot 'em up, comprised of frenetic and score-based gameplay. It actually launched on Wii U a couple of years ago; we gave the game a 7/10 in our review, praising its polish and professionalism.

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