Update (Mon 9th Sep, 2019 11:55 BST): People are hypothesising online that this trademark could be related to that bendy ring that Nintendo teased last week. The full announcement is expected on September 12th.

Nintendo "Do" certainly fits as a product name for this kind of device – and if you think it sounds dumb, just remember that you probably said the same when the Wii was formally announced.

Original Story (Wed 17th Jul, 2019 10:45 BST): Nintendo has applied for and been granted the trademark for 'Nintendo Switch Do', according to an official document that has surfaced in Israel. Dutch website Let's Go Digital caught wind of the filing at the Israel Patent Office and has set minds racing as to what it could refer to.

As you can see yourself by examining the document itself (courtesy of Let's Go Digital), trade mark number 318447 was applied for on 8th July 2019 and granted on 16th July. The goods and services it relates to, however, are extremely wide-ranging and non-specific. Here's a small taster of the things it apparently covers:

Class: 9
Electronic game programs; Downloadable electronic game programs; Video game programs; Downloadable video game programs; Video game cartridges; Programs for consumer video game apparatus; Downloadable programs for consumer video game apparatus; Electronic storage media recorded with programs for consumer video game apparatus; Programs for handheld electronic game apparatus; Downloadable programs for handheld electronic game apparatus...

It goes on:

Class 28:
Games; Toys; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Protective films adapted for screens for portable games; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; Handheld electronic games; Video game machines; Controllers for game consoles; Joysticks for video games; Apparatus for games; Arcade video game machines...

It continues, but you get the idea. So what has Nintendo actually trademarked here, besides absolutely everything under the sun with a possible connection to games, video-based or otherwise? Well, it's tough to say given that deluge of potential applications, but Nintendo has recently opened its second retail store in Tel Aviv, so the filing of the trademark in Israel suggests it could be related to that.

Whether it's a service, an initiative related with the Tel Aviv store or something entirely different, the mysterious 'Nintendo Switch Do' is sure to get tongues wagging. Could it be connected to the long-rumoured Switch 'Pro'? Well, yes, but for all we know it could just as easily be a capacitive stylus. We'll be keeping an eye out for more information.

What do you think Nintendo Switch Do could be? A new service for Switch Lite? A Nintendo Switch Online feature? Let us know your ideas below.

[source nl.letsgodigital.org, via bgr.com]