90s Super GP

One game we feel like we've been waiting a lifetime for is '90s Super GP. This arcade-style game, formerly known as 90's Arcade Racer, started out as a Kickstarter campaign and was originally targeting a Wii U release. In 2017, we received confirmation from Nicalis that the game would instead be power sliding onto the Nintendo Switch at some point in the near future.

So, what's the latest development update? At the start of this year, it was revealed developer Antonis "Pelikan13" Pelekanos was no longer involved with the project and since then, there's been no further updates. A fan has now reached out to Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez over on Twitter. According to Rodriguez, the game is still happening and will even include online play:

The original scope of what was in the Kickstarter wasn't realistic for a single artist to do. He was able to get a lot of things running, but you need a specialist for a lot of things, like online--which the game will now have

When this game is finally released, it's expected to channel classic Sega arcade racers such as Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Scud Racing, and Out Run. We're sure the addition of online play will make it even better when it does arrive. While we wait for some more substantial information regarding the Switch launch, take a look at this footage of the Wii U version dating back to 2015:

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[source gonintendo.com, via twitter.com]