A Zelda fan and talented cook by the name of Aimee Wood has spent the last two years working on her own unofficial Legend of Zelda cookbook. The Kickstarter campaign has absolutely smashed its $3,000 USD goal, raising more than $46,000 USD at the time of writing. There are still five days to go as well!

This complete hardcover compendium of Hylian cuisine includes more than 120 heroic recipes, 12 courageous chapters, in-game guides, and a black and white interior. Here's some more about it from the creator:

Explore Chu Jelly reimagined as fruit jellies, level up your cooking with Salt Grilling or Leaf Steaming, and discover the origin of each dish with in Game Guides! From easy comfort food like Elixir Soup and Vegetable Risotto, to powerful dishes like Monster Cake and Rock Roast, for entertaining at a party, to a game night at home, The Unofficial Legend of Zelda Cookbook is your companion!

120+ recipes also include over 80 vegan and 90 gluten free friendly dishes! This cookbook is my attempt to gather every Legend of Zelda recipe in one place, so if Taste Testers notice that I'm missing something, I'll add it!

After breaking multiple stretch goals, a $90,000 "Ultimate" stretch goal has now been added. It will turn The Intro to Hylian Alchemy and Bartending (a chapter within the book) into its own standalone book. If this goal is reached, copies of these will be sent, for free, with every Kickstarter cookbook.

If you would like to help fund this cookbook, you can pledge $5 - $1,000. Each tier gives you a named thank you in the final book and if select a higher tier you'll get extra goodies. There are even backer bonuses and rewards. For more information about this, watch the video above.

Would you be interested in backing this book? Do you enjoy cooking in Breath of the Wild? Leave a comment below.