Several interesting tidbits of information have come out of this year's ChinaJoy event over the last few days - Nintendo shared more details about its plans to launch Switch in the region, and a brand new Rabbids game was revealed amongst other things - but this little story is absolutely bonkers.

One of the games revealed at the event was Genshin Impact, an adventure title from miHoYo that looks very similar in style to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can see it for yourself in the trailer below (skip to around the 37-second mark).

If you're super passionate about Nintendo and the Zelda franchise, we can understand being a little miffed at just how much inspiration has been taken here, but we wouldn't expect someone to smash up their console over it.

Except, that's exactly what did happen. As reported by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter (thanks, Push Square) one fan was seemingly so upset that Sony would promote such a game that he smashed up his PS4 in protest. The protests went further, too, with other Zelda owners holding up their copies of the game or their Switch console with their middle fingers in the air, pointing them at the stage where Genshin Impact was being shown. Wowzers.

It all seems a little over the top to us and we can't help but feel for the innocent PS4 that has now been sent to gaming heaven, but here we are. Happy gaming, folks!

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