A brand new Rabbids game for Switch is set to be shown at ChinaJoy this weekend, seemingly inspired by Journey to the West, a classic piece of Chinese literature.

Mario and co. aren't anywhere to be seen here, as the franchise returns to its Rabbid-only ways. The new title is a party game which appears to support at least four players at a time. The first teaser trailer for the game was recently shared on a Ubisoft blog; Nintendo Everything has taken and reuploaded that trailer to YouTube:

When put through Google Translate - which isn't the most reliable form of translation, we should note - the game's name appears to be something along the lines of 'Crazy Rabbids: Adventure Party'. The post also highlights the fact that the game is part of Ubisoft's mission to create unique experiences for Chinese players, suggesting that this might be a China-exclusive affair.

We'll make sure to keep an eye on this going forward and let you know if it gets announced for any other regions. Until then, why not let us know what you think of it in the comments below?

[source ubisoft.com.cn, via nintendoeverything.com]