Driving and playing video games is pretty stupid, but a Pokémon GO player recently spotted by some Washington State troopers has taken foolishness to a whole new level.

The story goes that the troopers, having noticed a stopped car on the hard shoulder of highway, decided to pull over and check to see if any help was required. What they found was a Pokémon GO addict playing the game on not one but eight smartphones – despite the fact that the game comes with numerous warnings about playing while in control of a moving vehicle.

Because the individual in question wasn't actually caught playing the game while the car was in motion, he avoided a ticket, but he was forced by the troopers to place his phones on the back seat of his car, where they would no longer prove to be a distraction.

And you thought that old guy who had phones attached to his bike was bad.

[source kotaku.com, via https, seattletimes.com]