A Legend of Zelda fan by the name of Andrew, who recently attended the Boston Comic-Con in the United States, got quite the surprise when Zelda's voice actor – Patricia Summersett – signed his Switch copy of Breath of the Wild in Hylian.

In case you're wondering, it translates to "Open Your Eyes..." according to Patricia. It's the phrase you hear the Princess say to Link at the very start of Breath of the Wild when he wakes up. Andrew further explained how Patricia did this for everyone in the line and mentioned how impressed he was with her dedication to the role. It's probably because she is also a fan of this series.

Zelda BotW Signed
Image: Reddit

Back in 2017, we had the pleasure of speaking to Patricia and asking her how exactly she went about giving one of the most iconic princesses in video game history a voice.

The Canadian-American actor also told us how she was fortunate enough to grow up with the Zelda series in her life and revealed what it was like landing such a big role. If you're interested to find out more about her, read our interview.

Patricia Summersett
Image: Tristan Brand

And below is the actual scene from the game, courtesy of the YouTube channel Nintendo Cafe:

Have you had any of your own video games signed? Leave a comment below.

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