Update: Retailer Play-Asia has added pre-order pages for the standard and limited-edition versions of the game, with a release date of 19th December 2019.

Original Story: Emulation expert M2 has revealed that it is bringing Cave's 1998 vertical shooter ESP Ra.De. to the Nintendo Switch.

Never released outside of arcades, ESP Ra.De. sees you assuming the role of one of three humans blessed with extra-sensory abilities. Armed with the power of flight and the ability to fire frickin' lasers from your fingertips, you must take to the skies of 2018 Toyko (hey, that would have been the future back in 1998!) and attempt to thwart the sinister Mrs. Gara. It's a nice change of pace from the typical 'spaceships blasting aliens' theme that seems to be so common in the genre, and it doesn't hurt that the game is utterly fantastic.

It was previously assumed that the absence of a home port of the game was down to Atlus, which handled distribution of the coin-op. This would appear to have been solved now.

If you fancy learning more about ESP Ra.De., then you could do a heck of a lot worse than visit Hardcore Gaming 101, which has a really detailed write-up of why it's so special.

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