As well as announcing the release date for hack-and-slash puzzle platformer AeternoBlade II, publisher PQube and developer Corecell Technology have released a new trailer giving us a taste of its time-twisting, dimension-switching gameplay.

Landing on Switch on 11th October, the trailer above showcases the game's mixture of 2D Metroidvania-style platforming with 3D boss and enemy 'scenarios'. The focus here is on fast-paced, combo-combat and a wide range of attack options from the three playable characters. However, time is also an important factor to consider, according to the official blurb:

AeternoBlade II is about time, and how it's power can be used with deadly consequences. By manipulating time, you can use it to overcome all obstacles, solve creative puzzles, and outwit even the most intimidating enemies. Your abilities include Time Stop, Warp and Reversal, so use them wisely.

While Corecell's game appears to focus on the hack and slash side of things, certain portions of that trailer - from the monstrous enemies to the castle locations - had us thinking of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which, although far from perfect on Switch, boasts an impressive pedigree. We weren't too impressed with the Switch port of the original AeternoBlade on 3DS, so Corecell has its work cut out if its going to iron out the considerable wrinkles of the original and stand out in the crowd on the eShop. Hopefully the time-bending mechanics and the 3D parts will be solid enough to set it apart from the other Metroidvanias already available on Switch. We'll find out in less than two months.

How did you find the original game? Does the trailer above pique your interest? Let us know by grabbing your AeternoBlade and carving a brief message into the box below.