Sid Meier's Civilization VI is almost the perfect portable companion on the Switch. Unfortunately, this particular version is missing one major feature: online multiplayer.

The community representative from Aspyr recently explained why this particular feature was absent from the Switch release:

It sounds basic, until you realize that both private and public games required significant back end work.

Civ VI on desktop utilizes Steam for things like friends lists (required for private games) and server listing (required for public games). Implementing these things per unique system takes considerable effort. I'm aware the Switch has some of those systems, but it's still requires custom implementation.

This was supported by a comment stating how Apple versions of the game did not include online multiplayer, either:

The Mac App Store version and iOS version do not have online multiplayer for similar reasons.

While online multiplayer in the Switch release seemingly won't be happening, Nintendo players can still look forward to the Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions coming to this version of the game later this year. A hotseat mode will also be added in the future, allowing players to take turns on a single system.

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