Bye-bye 3DS

One noticeable difference at this year's E3 was the absence of the 3DS. Although the five-in-one Atooi Collection was announced for the platform during the Limited Run presentation, Nintendo did not showcase any new games for its 3D device.

If it wasn't already evident the handheld system has come to the end of its life, Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine has now removed the 3DS release schedule from its pages. This happened in issue no. 1595 and follows on from the cancellation of Mixi's Mobile Ball last week.

During a phone interview with TIME at E3 2019, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said the company had "no games to announce" for 3DS because the focus was on the Switch. In saying this, as long as there's consumer demand, Nintendo will supposedly continue to support the system.

Nintendo's Bill Trinen added to this during a chat with GameXplain, saying how the portable unit was "still an important device" for the company, but there were no current plans to announce additional games for it.

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