When it was rumoured that The Witcher 3 was coming to Switch, there were many who flatly refused to believe it was even possible to cram CD Projekt Red's epic open-world fantasy into Nintendo's hybrid console – especially when you consider that on PS4 and Xbox One, the game often has issues running at a stable pace.

However, E3 gave us the confirmation we were all hoping for, and now it just remains to be seen how Saber Interactive can scale-down this seminal title for portable play. While we only have trailer footage to go on at present, our friends over at Digital Foundry have done a superb job of comparing the Switch version with the PS4 one, picking out where changes have been made in order to get the game up and running on much weaker hardware.

We already know that Witcher 3 on Switch will come on a single 32GB capacity game card with no additional downloads, which is an achievement in itself when you consider that the PS4 version comes in at over 60GB. But how has Saber managed to do this? Dropping the resolution is one confirmed tactic, but you should watch the excellent video above for a breakdown of the additional trickery involved, then let us know your thoughts with a comment below.

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