Ah, yet another week down and yet another huge game to get stuck into on Switch. As well as Mario's latest outing, this week brought with it a brand new Nintendo retail store and even a Wii U firmware update of all things, but now it's time to sit back and chat about our weekend plans. The NL team have done just that below, and we'd love for you to join in via our comment and poll sections. Enjoy!

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

The insane Summer of Switch is upon us! This weekend will be one to remember due to unhealthy doses of Super Mario Maker 2, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling (about time we got a decent wrestling game), War Tech Fighters plus Devil May Cry (my very first PS2 game back in 2001!). This isn’t even my final game list!

SEGA AGES: Virtua Racing is my game of the week. Wish I could time travel back to 1992, show my younger self a Switch running the game and say, “See? One day you will be able to take that arcade anywhere in the palm of your hand, plus you will write all about it at Nintendo Life!”. TIME PARADOX!

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

This weekend I’m going to hunker down and actually dig into my backlog for once. I’ve purchased many games that I have only put about an hour into so far - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and My Time at Portia are the two most glaring offenses, and also two very large games in need of attention.

I’m a bit grudging about it, because there are all of these shiny new games on the horizon that I’d rather be playing... but I must be responsible. No way will I just be adding another game to the mix with Super Mario Maker 2 and making my problems even bigger, no way! That would be so irresponsible of me... *fingers twitch in anticipation of playing Mario Maker all weekend*.

Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

Gaming may take a bit of a backseat this weekend thanks to the glorious weather we’re currently enjoying, but knowing me, I’ll end up in the back garden with a pint and a bit of Contra Anniversary Collection. I’m absolutely hooked at the moment!

In the event that the British weather decides to take a bit of a heel turn, I’ll likely boot up Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (on PS4... sorry!). I’m obsessed with Metroidvania games, and this new masterpiece from Koji Igarashi is right up my street. But enough talk… Have at you!

Gavin Lane, staff writer

This weekend I’m going away for a couple of days and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have some time to dive into the game of the moment, Super Mario Maker 2, for a couple of hours. Despite having spent loads of time with the original, I really want to go through the tutorial of the Switch version and get comfortable with the interface and controls before attempting anything ambitious.

I’m also eager to jump into the Story Mode to see how that mixes with the rest of the game. There seems to be plenty of new stuff to sink my teeth into, so hopefully by the end of the weekend I should be ready to roll my sleeves up and start hammering out a few works of art.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, reviewer

This weekend I'll be trying out a game I only briefly touched in 2009, Red Faction: Guerrilla. I loved the original Red Faction back on PS2 with its brilliant destruction physics, but its distant sequel mostly passed me by. Now in its Re-Mars-Stered Edition (a pun that both makes me laugh and weep for humanity), I'm finally going to blow up all the Martian infrastructure I can find for our official review on Nintendo Life. I'm sure I'll be on Paladins again as well, just to keep myself on brand. Have a good one!

Ryan Craddock, staff writer

Whilst I imagine pretty much everyone and their Undodog will be playing Super Mario Maker 2 this weekend, I'll sadly be left out of the fun. To be fair, it's my own fault; all of the Zelda amiibo being restocked at the Nintendo UK Store the other day resulted in a spur-of-the-moment order with a price total I'm almost ashamed to share. It also brought confirmation that I now won't be buying another video game - or anything else, for that matter - for approximately 487 years.

Combining that with the fact that I'm currently in the process of packing to move house (meaning some consoles are safely tucked away in boxes) I'm not really sure what to play this weekend. As such, I might just chill out and see what Mario Maker levels my colleagues end up sharing on Twitter while crying into my scarily empty wallet. Help.

Which games are you playing this weekend? (306 votes)

  1. Super Mario Maker 239%
  2. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night9%
  3. Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling1%
  4. War Tech Fighters  0%
  5. Devil May Cry3%
  6. SEGA AGES Virtua Racing11%
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 24%
  8. My Time at Portia1%
  9. Contra Anniversary Collection3%
  10. Something else (comment below)30%

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