The Wonderful 101

During an interview with Gematsu at BitSummit 7 Spirits in Kyoto last weekend, PlatinumGames' executive director and producer Atsushi Inaba and game designer Takahisa Taura were queried about the company's upcoming projects.

When asked about how Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch was coming along, Inaba simply said development was "going smoothly" and fans would, unfortunately, have to wait for a more official update in the future. This was followed with a question about Astral Chain and if it would be an open-world game. Inaba said as much as they wanted to share more information about the project, they couldn't. Taura suggested fans enjoy speculating about what the game could perhaps be about in the meantime. Lastly, was a question about bringing The Wonderful 101 to the Switch. This was Inaba's response:

“Yeah, I think I said that on multiple occasions. And I’m glad that I did. So if you could be patient with it, that’ll be great.”

As for Platinum's future - well, firstly, Astral Chain is being released at the end of August on the Switch. After this, though, there's apparently "potential" to release news about new Platinum titles. Inaba believes all this new news would bring "major change" to the company as well.

Are you looking forward to Platinum's upcoming releases? Would you be interested in replaying The Wonderful 101 on the Nintendo Switch? Tell us down in the comments.