Earlier this year, the timeless tile-matching puzzle game was reinvented as a battle royale known as Tetris 99 on the Switch. Nintendo followed this up recently with the release of the paid Big Block DLC – adding two new offline modes. If you’re perhaps seeking more of a classic fix, how about Tetris on an old school flip-dot display? This outdated animated technology was once commonly used for outdoor signage and has since become replaced by modern LCD screens.

YouTuber sinowin has managed to create falling tetriminos with a flip-dot display made up of 210 plastic discs and the assistance of a small DIY joystick and computer. Although the grid isn’t the standard size, it’s still worth watching the video above for the sound alone. If you don't happen to have a flip-disc display on-hand, why not take some time out next weekend to participate in the Tetris 99 competition – giving you the opportunity to unlock a special Game Boy theme.

Does this video make you want to play some more Tetris 99? How about some Tetris on an old flip-disc display? Tell us below.

[source gizmodo.com.au]