If you watched the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct last night (or perhaps you're catching up this morning), you might have caught Mario hopping into a Koopa Troopa Car and zipping through the Super Mario 3D World sections. Looks pretty neat, no? You might also have noticed a logo fade up briefly when Mario jumps into his newfound set of wheels. Watch the video above to see for yourself.

Yes, the Super Famicom logo appears and vanishes as the plumber takes to the wheel. This has led to speculation amongst some fans as to the exact meaning. Is Nintendo dropping hints about Super Famicom games coming to Switch Online? Is the company just trolling us as it continues to drop NES games on the service?

SFC Logo

Well, if you watch the footage carefully (and repeatedly, as we have), it looks an awful lot like one of the new effects mentioned earlier in the video (skip back to 5:23). The car seems to have no specific link to the Super Famicom and the randomness of it feels like one of the many surreal moments the original game kicked up with disco balls, skinny Mario and the like. The video specifically highlights the ability to put a sound effect on an enemy or element, so we imagine the Super Famicom logo is simply an effect placed on the car when you jump in.

While it's tempting to see this as some sort of 'hidden' (or 'not-so-hidden') message, it's most likely just one of the many strange ingredients being thrown into the Mario Maker pot. We're dying to try out this sequel - it's going to be a long month-and-a-half until the 28th June!

So, it's probably just an effect. Do you think we'll be able to whack a GameCube or Virtual Boy logo into our courses? Or do you think this really does portend some upcoming Switch/SFC shenanigans? Let us know below.