Earlier this week, we shared the 'news' that Japanese players had been doing everything in their power to take a sneak peek at Princess Peach's royal undergarments. In what appears to be a rapidly progressing movement, a new obsession with making female fighters blush has now started to spread across those corners of the internet in its place.

The visual effect can be performed by having a character use the Spicyspicy Curry item (although some characters blush in other ways, too); the fighter will initially breathe fire and burn everything in their path, before calming down and blushing over the trauma of it all. Upon seeing this, you might simply think, "ah, that's a clever little bit of animation", before getting on with your day. Others appear to see things rather differently, however.

To be fair, some of them have been turned into incredibly dramatic scenes. We'd happily watch whatever series this image below is from on Netflix.

Just another example of how the Switch can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

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