Luigi! Stop it!

Nintendo is a family-friendly company and tries as hard as possible to maintain that stance, at least when it comes to the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom.

However, just like in Jurassic Park, life – or should that be a horny sub-section of the gaming community – finds a way. In this particular case, it's having a cheeky look up Princess Peach's skirt, a realm that has previously been tantalisingly off-limits.

To protect Peach's modesty, a black void has been employed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, preventing lusty eyes from gazing upon her royal undergarments. This inky blackness has been taken as a challenge by some players, who have tirelessly toiled for many hours (rather than doing other things, like actually enjoying the game itself) in order to concoct a means of banishing it and getting full, unfettered visual access to Peach's bloomers.

According to one post on Twitter, "if you use the light from Ness’s forward throw you can penetrate the Princess’ dark matter." Ahem.

And what has all this painstaking research told us? What can possibly lie up Peach's skirt? Outside of some rather unexciting pink knickers, not much. Because believe it or not, Peach is not a real person with proper reproductive organs – 'she' is an assemblage of polygons in a fighting game set in a cartoon fantasy world which exists only within the memory banks of your Switch console. This news is apparently a shock to some people.

Nonetheless, according to SoraNews24, there was general merriment amongst a small group of Japanese fans when the 'exploit' was found, but one astute commenter really hit the nail on the head:

I wonder if these guys know there’s a whole bunch of games on the PS4 where you can see women’s underwear.