2012 hack and slash game Blades of Time is bringing its fast-paced combat to Nintendo Switch in a remastered version set to arrive in just a couple of weeks' time.

The Switch release is said to be an upgrade of the PC version, also offering a freshly revamped multiplayer mode. Here, players will be able to engage in action-packed MOBA combat leading hordes of NPC monsters against the armies of other players. The story-driven single-player campaign is still here, too, seeing treasure huntress Ayumi set out on a journey to an ancient island to reach the hidden treasures of a long lost civilisation.

The game has you fighting through hordes of monsters and other creatures of magic, with more than 40 unique attacks, powerful melee combos, firearms, magic, and even the ability to rewind time at your disposal. We have some screens for you to check out below.

Blades of Time will launch on Switch on 14th May with pricing still to be confirmed.

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