Prinny won't go down without a fight!

Nippon Ichi Software, the Japanese developer and publisher best known in recent years for its tactical role-playing series Disgaea, is reportedly facing serious financial troubles. This information comes from multiple Japanese media outlets, as translated by the Twitter user HDKirin.

For some time now, the long-running company has been dealing with low game sales domestically – to the point, it can no longer recoup the required funds to pay staff. To stay afloat, it has begun to sell stocks at a cheaper price in order to raise money and pay for labor costs. The main reason for the deficit is due to Disgaea RPG – a mobile game service released earlier this year in March.

NIS worked on this service in collaboration with the Sony subsidiary, Forward Works. The title struggled on release and suffered major technical issues, resulting in "long-term" maintenance. To date, the game is still not available to download – meaning NIS has been unable to pay its employees.

Sony's subsidiary issued an apology and the Disgaea mobile game Twitter account released a tweet in March, informing anyone who purchased in-game items to submit an email inquiry if they wanted a refund. Neither company has supposedly followed this up.

NIS previously released Disgaea 1 Complete and Disgaea 5 Complete on the Switch and has also published multiple other games on Nintendo platforms over the years.