Last June, the rhythm-based puzzle game Lumines Remastered was released on the Switch eShop. We said it was a premier puzzle experience and awarded it nine out of ten stars. The Switch version ended up becoming the best-selling version of the game, too.

If you've had this one on your wishlist for a while now, you might want to hold out a little longer as physical distributor Limited Run Games appears to be teasing a hard copy. While it's unclear what platforms this announcement is for, what we do know is that more will be revealed next week on 22nd April.

If you're still not convinced, here's the announcement trailer for Lumines Remastered. Noticeably the music matches the audio in the above teaser.

On a related, but separate note, pre-orders are now live for Minit on Limited Run Games and Special Reserve Games.

Is Lumines a game you've been wanting to add to your physical collection? Tell us down in the comments.