We've only known about Nintendo Labo VR for just over a month, but its release date is now just one day away. As part of the celebrations, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is providing players with some free in-game gifts.

The gifts feature two of the Toy-Con from the Labo VR kit, with nice little replicas of the Blaster and Bird toys being available for all players. If having endless pieces of cardboard littering your real house isn't enough, why not plonk them all around your campsite, too?

Does this mean that Animal Crossing Switch might have VR compatibility in the future? Well, no. It doesn't confirm anything. But we can certainly dream about it (just like we did for another 10 potential VR hits in our feature yesterday).

Are you a keen Pocket Camp player? Will you be picking up the Labo VR kit tomorrow? Explain all in the comments below.

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