Cuphead IMG

While Nintendo is known for making gaming as accessible as possible to the masses, a number of indie developers have made a name for themselves on the Switch by providing absolutely ruthless experiences. Cuphead by StudioMDHR will be no different. This game is already known as a punishing run and gun 2D platformer and it's now been reiterated the critically-acclaimed title will be released in the same state on the hybrid platform.

In a recent interview with Kotaku at Nintendo's 2019 GDC indie event, Cuphead's co-director Jared Moldenhauer said the studio wasn't about to make the notoriously difficult game any easier and wants the next wave of players to experience it exactly how it was intended:

“Some people wondered if we were going to tweak the balance or really adjust things, and I don’t see that as being fair...We wanted to let the next wave of gamers experience it exactly how we intended to make it.”

Even though the game includes a simple mode, it doesn't provide the full experience and cuts a lot of content. As Moldenhauer notes, “the end result, where people are a little upset that you can’t beat the game" pays respect to a bygone era of gaming.

Are you glad to hear the difficulty of Cuphead won't be watered down on the Switch? Are you the type of player who enjoys overly challenging video games? Tell us down in the comments.