If you were interested in Battle Princess Madelyn prior to its arrival on the Switch eShop but weren't quite happy with the state of the game at launch, Causal Bit Games is today releasing a rather sizeable update for the Nintendo version. It enhances the overall experience with two new modes and a number of quality of life improvements.

The King Daddy Mode allows the player to step into the boots of Madelyn's father. Below is a bit about what you can expect:

No more frustration (well a little) but plenty more challenges are on offer as wickedly, but to the delight of many, the difficulty is ramped up to the max as King Daddy battles through hordes of the undead, with only his trusted Insanity’s Blade. With only the one weapon at your disposal, you are given zero projectiles, aside from Fritzy’s power ups so gamers are sure going to find this extremely difficult! Stick with it and you’ll find a surprise at the end for King Daddy

The other new offering is the Boss Rush Mode. In this mode players select a weapon of choice and then face boss after boss in the ultimate test of skill.

Christopher Obritsch from Causal Bit Games also explained how the team has listened to the community to improve the experience. To make life easier, there's now a map to guide players as well:

"We now have a map to help guide players through the kingdom and foreign lands and will aid them as they look toward completing the numerous quests in the game. We’ve also redesigned some of the more trickier levels, with the aim to allow players to progress through them in a more fluid and obvious way.”

And here's some information about the new options and features:

  • More options with added language selection, rumble options and volume sliders with the addition of some hand game assists to make the game easier for beginners.
  • More features including maps, quest log, teleporting and a brand new hint system

Battle Princess Madelyn is now on sale on the Nintendo eShop with a 30% discount - $13.99/£9.44/€10.49.

Will you be trying out this game now that it's been updated? Tell us down in the comments.