News that Ninja Theory's action-adventure game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is Switch-bound was a delightful surprise in last night's Direct. With no official news on who's handling porting duties just yet, according to Kotaku the work is being carried out by developer QLOC.

The Polish studio's resumé is a long, impressive list of winners, including series such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Dragon's Dogma, to name a few. They also worked on DmC: Devil May Cry, a previous Ninja Theory joint.

This appears to be their first announced project for Switch (the Kotaku post erroneously attributes Dark Souls: Remastered on Switch to QLOC, although it only handled the other console versions - the Switch port was done by Virtuous). The report also suggests that although there'll be no new content as such, it will have some added (optional) motion controls, if you're into that sort of thing.

Hellblade was warmly received when it released back in 2017 on PS4, winning several awards and garnering praise for its depiction of psychosis as Senua goes on a vision quest. Also of note is that Ninja Theory itself is now a Microsoft studio, although Hellblade's development predates their acquisition. It will be fascinating to see how this holds up on Nintendo's handheld - hopefully QLOC's porting skill will mean the Switch version can stand proud with the others. It's scheduled for Spring, so we'll find out before too long.

Have you played this on other platforms or will you be picking this up on Switch? What compromises are you expecting in the Switch version? Share your opinions in the comments section.