Our mock-up of how a Switch Mini could look

As you may well be aware, more and more rumours and underground mumblings are starting to appear around the topic of a revised Nintendo Switch; last October, The Wall Street Journal suggested we'd have a new model by the end of 2019, and just last week, Japanese publication Nikkei also reported that a smaller, more affordable console is on the way.

The rumoured system is expected to be a 'Switch Mini' of sorts, acting as a "miniaturised" version of the console which will focus on the Switch's portable aspect, bringing the suggested retail price down in the process. While the specifics of the new machine haven't been shared, the report suggests that Nintendo will "cut features" to achieve the price cut, suggesting that we may see a Switch without detachable Joy-Con, or perhaps even without a dock.

At present, none of the above has been officially confirmed; the report cites numerous developers as its source of information, but Nintendo has not unveiled any such plans in an official capacity. Technology site Ars Technica reached out to Nintendo for comment on the report, receiving the following (and incredibly brief) statement:

"We have nothing to announce on this topic."

Is this because Nintendo literally has nothing to announce about a Switch revision, or is it just a typical attempt to shrug off any rumours until the company is ready to reveal its plans? We won't know until further down the line.

Until then, though, why not let us know what you think about the situation in the comments? Do you think a Switch Mini is on the way? Do you want one? Tell us below.

[source arstechnica.com]