Toe Jam Earl DUO

After multiple delays dating back to 2017, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is finally arriving on the Switch in both digital and physical form this March. If you haven't heard, Limited Run Games will be handling the release of the physical version.

Standard editions will be available over a 45-day pre-order period starting from 15th February and Limited Collector's Editions go on-sale on the same day. The Collector's Edition will include the Switch game, themed packaging with a translucent case, a map puzzle board, six enamel pins, 10 pin stands to set up your own level, environment cutout standees, a cassette soundtrack + download code and a retro-style poster. Take a look at all of the goodies below:


And here is a better look at the box art:

Toe Jam And Earl IMG

If you haven't kept tabs on this one, the game sees the iconic '90s alien duo return when they decide they want to impress the ladies with the Rapmaster Rocket. Unfortunately, misuse results in a black hole-related incident and they find themselves floating about in the remnants of Earth. The task now is to restore their ship and travel back through procedurally-generated levels. Check out the gameplay trailer:

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