Originally scheduled to launch in 2017, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove saw delays which sadly pushed the project back to 2018. With 2018 now almost behind us, eager fans have likely been wondering how the project was getting on, but a new release date of 1st March 2019 has now been confirmed - it won't be long before you're putting the "fun" in "funky" on the go.

The game sees the iconic '90s alien duo of ToeJam and Earl making a comeback, hoping to use the Rapmaster Rocket to impress the ladies. After a black hole-related incident, however, they find themselves exploring the floating remnants of Earth, hoping to restore their ship by travelling through procedurally-generated levels.

You'll be locating all sorts of presents with random effects - rocket skates, Icarus Wings, Boomboxes and more - to recover the ship's parts, and other characters and unlockable hats are said to offer "awesome hidden powers". You'll also stumble across more than 50 Earthlings who have the potential to cause you some serious issues - such as the Hula-Girl who'll hypnotise you into shaking your hips - so you'll need to figure out which of these are your friends, and which are foes.


Back In The Groove promises "all the classic moments" from the series' past mixed with modern improvements like online play - which supports up to four players. You'll also be able to enjoy local co-op with two players, minigames, and a rhythm-based dance-off where you can strut your stuff to remixes from the original games.

The game will arrive on Switch on 1st March 2019 for $19.99. Are you ready for some funky fresh fun on Switch next year? Let us know down below.