The Nintendo Switch's security issues appear to be going from bad to worse, as the very recently implemented 7.0.0 firmware update has already been compromised.

Launching just hours ago, firmware version 7.0.0 brought with it the usual system stability improvements and new security codes to fend off any potential hacking threat. While this should have caused major issues for the hacking scene, and should have acted as a positive step towards a more secure console, the new security efforts were reportedly undone in just four hours.

The news has spread across the likes of Twitter and Reddit, with those interested in hacking the console both mocking Nintendo's efforts and praising the work of ‘elmirorac’, the person behind this latest hacking breakthrough. Naturally, this new development will only cause more concern for legitimate users of the console; if hackers are able to work around Nintendo's coding so easily, it's safe to presume that more and more hacked consoles could eventually find themselves being sold on to innocent buyers.

Last year, prominent hacker SciresM - who actually provided in assistance in today's 7.0.0 hack - stated that the Switch is "completely compromised", noting how only a hardware revision could fix the issue. It has been well documented that the Switch's current reliance on Nvidia's Tegra hardware is to blame for this, suggesting that a new chipset may well be the only real solution.

Do you think Nintendo should take any steps necessary to prevent further hacking, even if it means revising the hardware completely? Are you concerned about the Switch's current vulnerability? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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