You may remember that in June last year, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros. over the new Westworld mobile game. Over half a year later, Bethesda and Behaviour Interactive have now stated that the lawsuit has been "amicably resolved".

Originally, Bethesda argued that Behaviour Interactive (which was involved in the creation of Fallout Shelter) had stolen designs, artwork, and code from the game, going on to use them again to create Westworld for Warner Bros. In response to this, Warner Bros. soon fought back, describing Bethesda's claims as "baseless".

The following statement has been released today:

"Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive jointly announced today that the parties have amicably resolved the lawsuit Bethesda brought against Behaviour and others related to the Fallout Shelter and Westworld mobile games."

As you can see, no information has been provided surrounding any terms accepted by either party, so it's impossible to know whether or not Behaviour was seen to be guilty of stealing the assets as Bethesda claimed.

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[source gamesindustry.biz]