As 2018 wraps up, this week's episode of Nintendo Minute takes time to reflect on the journey Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been on leading up to its recent release. Joining the hosts Kit and Krysta for this special occasion was Nintendo of America's President, Reggie Fils-Aimé.

The 13-minute clip starts out with the first teaser of the game revealing the Inkling and follows on with plenty of other key events prior to the game's release. Along the way, Reggie talks about his love of Ridley and the Metroid series in general, reflects on this year's Smash Invitational, admits Masahiro Sakurai is "such a tease" and makes mention of the legs on Piranha Plant fighter around the 9-minute mark.

He's also still enjoying the recent Joker reveal at this year's Game Awards. The final part of the video is particularly interesting to hear Reggie's insight about the inclusion of this character and how fans initially thought it might be a Persona 5 announcement for Switch. As we all know, this quickly led to rumours about the game making its way across to the Switch.

Take a look at the full video above and tell us which video in the lead up to Ultimate's release was your favourite one.