In case you'd forgotten, today sees that time of the month when Nintendo boosts the Switch's NES game catalogue with a handful of new games. Three new titles have appeared today, and as has become tradition, we've also be treated to a couple of SP versions of old favourites, too.

The three main additions this month are Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario’s Woods, the final three games that were promised from Nintendo when Switch Online first launched. A video has been shared to give us a quick glimpse at each title.

Joining the previously released SP versions of The Legend of Zelda and Gradius, this month sees the introduction of new ways to play Metroid and Dr. Mario. The special version of Metroid throws you right into the battle against Ridley with all equipment already unlocked, and Dr. Mario puts players into a rare scene that occurs after beating the game on level 20 at Hi speed.

Nintendo has revealed that more NES games will be added to the service next year starting in January, but specific details have not been shared.

Which games would you like to see appear next year? Will you be trying out any of the new games today? Let us know in the comments.