Paper Mario IMG

There's apparently been a recent and slightly odd discovery in the Wii release, Super Paper Mario. It's all tied to the 2009 South Korean version of the game. YouTube channel GamingIntus, which was able to sift through the files, found unused levels and content that had no resemblance to anything else in the game.

About halfway through the video, you can see non-interactive human-like cats in these unused levels. As noted by Gaming Reinvented, these character models look out of place in Mario's world. What's incredibly weird about this discovery is how these models and levels are only present within the Korean version of the game, which was released more than two years after the original Japanese game.

It's hard to believe additional unused content would have been added into this more recent version. GamingIntus believes Intelligent Systems might have been working on a different title until it got a Paper Mario reskin, but that doesn't really explain why the content can only be found in this particular release. Take a look for yourself below:

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