Congratulations everyone, we've made it to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launch week! Now, while many of you will be excited to tuck into the game this Friday, let us quickly allow our minds to ponder over the upcoming DLC set to be released over the months to come.

Aside from Piranha Plant, who will be available to all players who register their copy of the game by 31st January 2019, five more mystery characters are also set to make an appearance. At present, all we really know about these new characters is that they will come bundled with a brand new stage each, as well as a selection of music tracks, and fans can either buy them individually or as a whole set for a slightly reduced price.

We also know that Nintendo has already chosen the five special guests well in advance, although there's absolutely no chance that the Japanese gaming giant will spill the beans just yet. Having said that, Nintendo Treehouse staff JC Rodrigo has teased fans in a recent conversation with Game Informer, hinting at the new faces being just as surprising as Piranha Plant's inclusion, and describing them as "must-have".

“Mr. Sakurai and his team and everyone that works on the game – we love surprises. Just like Piranha Plant, we believe the DLC is going to be a must-have. For me, as a fan… oh man, I would not miss these for the world.”

Of course, part of JC's job description likely mentions the need to "excite everyone about Smash as much as possible at all times", but being the keen player of the game that he is, his words suggest that he's genuinely excited about the characters set to be included.

If you're reading this JC, feel free to drop us a quick DM...

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