The folks at Digital Foundry have recently taken a trip to hell and back to find out how Diablo III: Eternal Collection runs on the Nintendo Switch and also how it compares to existing versions of the game. Iron Galaxy's Switch conversion sits somewhere in between the last generation and current generation versions of the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Described as the "last gen plus" release, the team behind this edition has "done a pretty great job" in terms of the visuals, performance and controls. On the subject of resolution, Blizzard said during a preview build the game sits at around 960p, but apparently docked it's closer to 900p and in practice is around 1600 x 900 - which could be linked to dynamic resolution. It can also drop to 1344 x 756, making it 70 percent of a full 1080p. Still, it's not low enough to reach 720p - which happened to be the maximum resolution for the last generation console versions of the game. In portable mode, the game runs at 720p, which is the native screen resolution and can drop down to 960 x 540.

As for visual quality, don't go expecting bloom effects. Ambient occlusion has also been dialed back and the density of particles has been dropped rather than the resolution. This isn't all that noticeable in the heat of the action, and applies to both the docked and handheld modes.

The framerate is effectively locked at 60 - which is a massive improvement over last generation versions. In more hectic moments when there is a lot of activity on-screen, the game can drop to as low as 45 frames. Again, this applies to both the handheld and docked modes. This is mainly when there are a lot of enemies on-screen and multiple effects are being used at once. Overall though, "this is a really nice port" according to Digital Foundry. Blizzard along with Iron Galaxy have done a great job.

How has your time been with the Diablo III: Eternal Collection on the Switch been so far? Are you enjoying it? Tell us below.