The Messenger has now received the promised 'Messenger+' update, adding a New Game+ option and a nice little selection of quality of life improvements. We've got all the details you need down below.

Earlier this month, developer Sabotage confirmed that the update would be hitting at some point in November, letting us know that the quality of life improvements were set to include control remapping, the addition of a visual cue in the underwater labyrinth for accessibility purposes, and another addition which plonks the Prophet’s hint feature directly into the map to help guide adventurers.

Today marks that magical day of update goodness, and it's also brought with it a very tasty sounding New Game+ mode. This mode allows players who have already completed the game to start a new save slot with all previously unlocked upgrades at your disposal (plus the windmill shuriken), while simultaneously ramping up the difficulty with increased incoming damage and bosses HP.

Sabotage tells us that players must have a fully completed save slot (game progression at 100%) in order to access the feature, acting as the ultimate challenge for those who have got everything they can out of the game so far. Additionally, a jukebox feature has been added - because why not? You can learn all about the new content thanks to this video shared by the developer.

Have you enjoyed your time with this Ninja Gaiden-inspired 2D side-scroller? Will you be diving into the new content? Let us know with a comment below.