Switch Home Menu 2

When Diablo III: Eternal Collection unleashed hell on the Switch at the start of November, the game was widely praised for being a port that didn't cut corners or content just to make the experience function and fit on Nintendo's hybrid device.

One of the few criticisms around the time of the launch was linked to the game's Switch HOME Menu icon. If you bought the title on release, you'll no doubt be used to seeing the rather dull logo (above) on a regular basis by now.

Over on the game's subreddit a week ago, Blizzard's community manager said it was only intended to be a temporary icon:

It was intended as a placeholder and the final one missed the submission build by JUST enough. Apologies for the flub up on our part!

Fortunately, the game's latest update has now arrived. Apart from fixing a few bugs, it also replaces the existing icon with a much better one. Take a look below:

Switch Home Menu 1

Unfortunately, this patch reportedly doesn't solve a recently discovered glitch with the Necromancer class, where its curses stop functioning. Blizzard has said the issue is currently being investigated and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

What do you think of the new Diablo III icon on Switch? Are there any other icons you would like to see updated? Have you been enjoying Diablo since its release? Tell us below.